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Joshua Phebus (the dude)

My grandmother once told me to watch out for transients.  That statement stuck with me for years because at the time I was the definition of a transient but with money in the bank.  I wasn't a stranger anywhere and I still feel that way but now the feeling of belonging and expanding has been on my 32 year old mind lately.  The word "settle down" use be a choice word from many concerned family members at family functions.  It use to be followed with an eye roll but now all I want to do is build something truly unique. Not really settling down but creating something to be proud of.   I spent 9 years traveling and learning a trade that was made illegal for the first 15 months of the covid 19 pandemic.  Touring was all i knew, some people would even say I was even good at it.  I filled most of the decade with work, traveling, love, booze, heartbreak, and photography.  So when everything stopped I became a hermit in a cabin in northern Wisconsin and started planning my next move.  I knew I had to change to move forward and that is something i strive for everyday

One of my goals I set for myself was to make Behind the glass a photography company by creating a website for all of the photos I took over the years.  When I started shooting a camera I kind of hoped for the best when pressing that button but with years and experience I now know what it takes to make a shot feel and look special.  The occasional camera upgrade helps as well.  

So  with (dude behind the glass) I can express myself and create things that make myself and others smile and yell "DUDE!"

Until then...

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